Who we are

Objective: The Cambridgeshire Area Golf Union (CAGU) was inaugurated on 1st February 1950 as a Union of 5 golf clubs. In 2019 the structure of the organisation was changed, and a limited company was formed as Cambridgeshire Area Golf Limited (CAGL). Whilst CAGL is now the formal registered company the trading name of CAGU has been maintained for all golfing related activities. CAGU now has 20 affiliated clubs of which 11 are proprietary and 9 are members’ clubs. The object of CAGU, as the representative of England Golf in Cambridgeshire, is to encourage the playing of men’s amateur golf by promoting matches at County level, Inter-Club level and on an individual basis and the staging of championships and competitions for both scratch and handicap players of all ages. CAGU, together with England Golf, promotes and maintains the traditions and rules of the game as determined by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.

Funding: CAGU, like England Golf, is mainly funded by subscription paid by each male member of all the affiliated clubs in the Union. In addition, CAGU has a number of sponsors who kindly provide a range of goods, services and financial assistance that helps the county and its players to participate in golf competitions both in Cambridgeshire, the Midlands area and nationally. 

Management: CAGU is governed by its voting members, which include members nominated by and from each affiliated club plus elected County Officers and Directors. The full group of all voting members elect the Directors who form the Executive Committee and who are responsible for the management of the company affairs. 

What we do

Championships and Competitions: CAGU organises championships and competitions for men and boys including scratch, matchplay and team events. Our objective is to provide competitive golf for all levels of player. For elite players there are Inter County matches for Men, Juniors and Seniors plus a good number of individual and team events. For handicap players there are inter club leagues, knockouts individual events running throughout the year. In addition, the County enter a number of England Golf national and regional qualifying events.

County Teams: CAGU promotes and provides funding for County teams at all levels. The Men’s A and B teams, the Seniors team and the Juniors at Under 18, Under 16, Under 14 and Under 12 compete regularly in inter County competitions, the Anglian League, Midland League, Midland Regional events and the England Golf County finals.

Course Rating: CAGU has a trained team who survey every course in the county to establish a Standard Scratch Score (SSS). Course rating is designed to ensure that the players at each club have a handicap that is comparable and competitive with the members of all other clubs in England. Golf’s handicapping system is unique in that it is the only sport where players of different age, gender and ability can play competitively with and against one another. It is vital that the integrity of the handicapping system is maintained to ensure that all players can, if they wish, be competitive with any others from the day they take up the game until they retire from playing.

Handicaps: CAGU is England Golf’s local agent in supporting the county’s clubs that operate the CONGU handicapping system which is so vital in ensuring that players can compete with each other on all courses throughout England whatever their ability. Maintaining the integrity of the system is therefore very important and CAGU is available to advise and arbitrate so that the system is fairly implemented and operated. 

Junior Coaching: CAGU organises and funds a comprehensive training programme for junior golfers, whether new to the game or developing skills. The coaching programme is run by professional trained PGA coaches. In addition, regular events are held to provide opportunities for children to compete with each other in a fun environment. All junior activities are carried out in compliance with good safeguarding practice and the County has a comprehensive Child Protection Policy together with a number of procedural documents which are designed to protect young children.

Refereeing: Cambridgeshire has a number of qualified referees who, not only oversee the playing of CAGU’s championships, but are available to assist and advise clubs on the rules, the setting up of courses and, when available, assist clubs by providing their services at the clubs’ championships and competitions. 

National County Card Scheme: CAGU is a member of the national scheme that allows members of CAGL clubs that accept county cards to play at over 1200 other courses across England at a significant discount.