CAGU Policy regarding Covid-19 – Competitions and Matches

CAGU are mindful of the current health requirements being published by Public Health England in relation to the Covid-19 virus. As a result we feel it is necessary to make immediate changes to our diary of events and matches for all sections and the manner in which they are conducted.

County Competitions

All County stroke play competitions of any type are cancelled until further notice. It may be possible to re-schedule some of these events at a later date but exactly what or when cannot be predicted at this time.

CAGU Meetings

All CAGU meetings are cancelled until further notice. Board member communications will be maintained using electronic or other means.

Junior Coaching

Junior Coaching has been cancelled until further notice.

Inter County Leagues

The arrangements for Inter County League matches are currently under discussion with other Counties and the League organisers. Advice on these will be provided as soon as possible bearing in mind the need to avoid social gatherings, hotel stays and non-essential travel.

I am sure you will all appreciate that this policy may change rapidly in the near future and updates will be provided as quickly as possible.